Icefjord Midnight Marathon 31 May 2025

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Run in the light of the night!  Let the magic energy of the midnight sun power you through this race in magnificent Greenland, during summer when the sun never sets.

The picturesque town of Ilulissat, provides a colorful backdrop as the Icefjord Midnight Marathon winds its way to the UNESCO-accredited Ilulissat Icefjord.  With ice as far as the eyes can see, embark on a true trail run over rocky terrain and past impressive icebergs that glitter under nocturnal sunlight.  You will be staying in accommodations overlooking the renowned Disko-Bay, waking up with its icy-giants floating by, and you get to explore some of the most remote corners of the world. 

Full or half marathon distances available.  

ROUTE DESCRIPTION   The Icefjord Midnight Marathon route will start and finish just outside of the historic Hotel Hvide Falk. Both marathon and half-marathoners will run the same route, but the marathon runners get the pleasure of enjoying the views twice!

There are virtually no flat sections on the run – instead, the course constantly fluctuates between mild ups and downs (generally not more than a few meters at a time). From Hotel Hvide Falk, you will follow the road for approximately 4 km through town. After climbing a wooden staircase, you then are on the ‘yellow track,’ which you will follow for approx. 3 km over hilly, rocky terrain. While the dazzling view of the icy fjord can be quite distracting, don’t forget to look where you place your feet! 

Once you reach the old heliport at the Icefjord Visitor Center, the yellow track turns into the ‘blue track', and you’ll follow a wooden path into the official UNESCO World Heritage site. The wooden path only lasts for about 1 km, and then you are running on trails again. After another 2.5 km of trail, you’ll reach Holms Bakke, and turn left onto the ‘red track.’ You’ll follow the red track back up to the old heliport, and then turn right to continue back into town. The course will be well-marked by race officials, and each track is additionally permanently marked with paint circles of their respective colors. 

Back in town, you’ll follow along the road and take a tour of the eastern side of Ilulissat before running 4 km up to the airport. From this point, you’ll traverse the same path back to Ilulissat. For the half-marathoners, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump until you are back at Hotel Hvide Falk and you can take some well-deserved relaxation. The marathoners will continue on to enjoy the Icefjord and the loop a second time! 

The marathon begins at 21:00 and the half-marathon begins at 22:30 hours. 

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