Polar Circle Marathon

24-28 October 2024

Full and Half Marathon

Experience this stunning and challenging Adventure Marathon on and around the enormous ice caps of Greenland. This event starts as close to the edge of the ice as practically possible and you will pass though enormous glacier tongues, glacial lakes and waterfalls, with the exciting chance of musk oxen and reindeer grazing on the scattered vegetation. This is said to be the ‘coolest’ marathon event on earth so don’t miss your chance to be a part of this opportunity of a lifetime!

Event Information

Normal running shoes are recommended, with plastic studs/spikes during the running on the ice caps.

You are permitted to bring personal supplies and extra clothing during the marathon. It is recommended to start out with extra layers which can be left at all water stations along the route. These will then be handed out at the finish area or later in the evening. You can also leave personal supplies at stations at 15 km and 30 km marks.

Qualifying and Cut-Off Times
There are no qualifying times for this event, however there is a 7 hour cut-off time.

The Course
You will be running on snow for large portions of the race. There is a lot of uphill running and quick downhill descents.

The weather in Greenland is always unpredictable so is important to be prepared for anything. On average, the temperature is likely to be around minus 20 - 15 degrees at the start of the race and will rise to minus 10 - 5 as the sun rises. Snow may occur, however the area is known to have a relatively stable and comfortable climate with low annual precipitation. In saying this, being over-prepared is always better than being under-prepared!
Nicola loved her experience at the Polar Circle Marathon, see her comments below:

Last year I went on one of the best adventures if my life ..

The polar circle marathon in greenland . It is a beautiful and truly magnificent country .

The run its self was a challenge with temperatures that dropped close to -30 on the glacier . Over ice , snow and rock .

The stunning views and awareness that you are running on the top of the world take away any pain you have !

I feel truly blessed to have experienced such a beautiful place and met so many inspiring people who have the same approach to life that I have .

I truly recommend this race I will always treasure it .

They have a simple saying in greenland ... " you don't live in Greenland you survive in Greenland "

And this race captured that .

Thankyou Marathon World Travel for helping me get there .

Nicola Wearne


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